Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Faithful Place, by Tana French

Faithful Place: A Novel Once again, Tana French took a minor character from her last Dublin murder squad book, and created an intense and twisted novel about them. This time Frank Mackey, Undercover detective, receives a call that shatters all he thought was true. The girl he was going to run away to England at 18 with, Rosie Daly, the girl who he thought had left him behind, is found dead, and her body hidden, presumable since the night she never showed up.
Psychological suspence at its best.

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Sverige said...

The last half of the book I will agree I had trouble putting down because it came to point when I really wanted to know what happened. But Frank Mackey is so self centered and obsessed by his past that he doesn't really care about all the other lives that he is ruining. To me, his constant striving to leave his family behind and not become one of them, has actually made him worse than all of them. Shay included.