Sunday, June 7, 2009

Columbine, by Dave Cullen

Absolutely stunning book about the Columbine school shooting. Unbelievable how many things were misreported, twisted, and misrepresented. This was devastating to read, but was so good.

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Dave Cullen said...

Hey Lexacat. I don't know if I've posted before, but my google alert just brought me to your blog, with my book as your favorite nonfiction of 2009. I really appreciate that. Thanks.
For anyone close to a student or teacher, we’re trying to help them use the book in schools. I just created a (free) Columbine Student Guide and Columbine Teacher’s Guide.

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starviego said...

You are still being lied to. Big time. If you want to find out what really happened at Columbine I suggest you read what the eyewitnesses had to say: