Monday, May 12, 2008

Children of Men

Wow. Very powerful but wildly depressing movie. Set in a dystopic England of 2027, this was a hell of a disturbing, all too easy to visualize future.

Women haven't had babies- anywhere- for 18 years. Terrorist attacks have destroyed most major cities. Britain is a locked down police state using constant surveilance to track and imprison illegal immigrants fleeing wrecked nations.

Clive Owen was amazing in this as Theo, and Michael Caine broke my heart in some of the tenderest scenes- I'm getting all choked up. Ack. Alfonso Cuaron directed the 1995 Little Princess and the 1998 Great Expectations, both of which I thought were wonderful, but I had no idea this would be so so heartbreaking and scary.

But seriously, this was HARD to watch- I paced around during a lot of it. Ouch.

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