Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uglies, Pretties, Specials by Scott Westerfeld

These books have it all — fantastic character development and smart, clippy writing, and they address just about every major issue facing teens today, in an entirely non-preachy way. It is a tour de force. The heroine, Tally Youngblood, hurls herself across that line between safety and freedom, defies societal pressures and expectations to be conventionally beautiful, and tries to address the legacy of the environmental destruction left behind by the “Rusties” — us.

This unflinching series is impossible to put down, and impossible to forget, if only for scenes such as the one where Tally, on the run, encounters fields of genetically modified white orchids which have crowded out every other plant. The questions of what is beautiful and of what is natural and of what is right are worth thinking about.
I can't wait for the next book, Extras, set in the same dystopia.
Uglies, Pretties, Specials boxset
Quality: 9 Popularity: 9 Overall: 18

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