Friday, October 15, 2010

Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes, by Daniel Kehlmann

Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes
Strange and wonderful interlinked stories, examining identity, and a cross between fantastically funny, in a very kind of German way, and incredibly sad. This is a hard book to summarize, but it all starts when a movie star's cell phone number is accidentally assigned to an IT guy. The movie star doesn't know why suddenly, no one is calling- the IT guy, quickly tiring of trying to tell people they've reached the 'wrong' number, begins to interact with the voices on the phone, planning trysts that are never kept, cancelling meetings, and so on. As the stories switch perspectives, they verge into darker territory, and then into madness. Lots of funky little tricks, breaking the 4th wall and directly addressing the reader, breaking a wall I don't know the name of, by directly addressing the characters, oh, it was powerful strange and very, very good.

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