Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exit Through The Gift Shop

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP Funny, thought-provoking, bizarre, and overall fantastic movie about... street art? commercialization of a counter-culture movement? imposters?
Aspiring film-maker Thierry Guetta begins compiling hundreds of hours of footage of street artists creating their ephemeral work. Gradually, some of the biggest artists, like Shepard Fairey, realize that his filming is capturing some rare and valuable scenes of them at work. When Guetta meets the anonymous god of street art, Banksy, Banksy convinves Guetta to try his own hand at creating art, and to turn over the footage to Banksy.
In an unbeleivable switcheroo, Banksy the artist becomes the film-maker, and Guetta the (addled? insane? genius?) film-maker reinvents himself as a top street artist- who then opens a VERY successful commercial exhibit.
This was just wonderful.

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