Monday, March 31, 2008

guess what- books!

Children's books
Betsy's Winterhouse by Carolyn Hayward

Adult Books
A Highland Christmas by M.C. Beaton

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bad Kitty and Kitty Kitty, by Michele Jaffe

Bad Kitty , Michelle Jaffe
Kitty Kitty, by Michele Jaffe, is a riotous sequel to the fantastic "Bad Kitty". Jas is in Venice, where her father is writing the definitive history of soap, and she is trying to keep out of Trouble. Of course, Trouble finds Jas, and the murder of a friend leads her into an exciting and dangerous mystery. Jas's loyal and long-suffering friends Polly, Roxy, and Tom make appearances, as do the Evil Henches, and Jaffe's laugh out loud writing shines through this romp. From delicious gelatos to kitchy tourist shops selling glassware, Venice is alive and very much a character in the book, which is a treat in itself. Jas's misadventures make for highly enjoyable reading, and the talented Jaffe serves her fans well with this book.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just Listen, Sarah Dessen

More suburban teen rape melodrama (why the hell are so many of these freaking books about the same freaking thing?) but better done than most.

Good playlists at least.

Devil in the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood, by Jennifer Traig

Devil in the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood

by Jennifer Traig

This was laugh out loud funny. Great. Loved the sister rearranging the wooden SANTA blocks to spell SATAN. Good stuff.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18

Children's books

The Borrowers Afield by Mary Norton - I love the Borrowers so much. Wonderful to read about them again. (re-read)

Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh (re-read)
The Long Secret by Louise Fitzhugh (re-read)

YA books
Bittersweet Sixteen by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman
Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 by Andrea White
It Had To Be You: The Gossip Girl Prequel by Cecily von Zeigesar

Adult Fiction
Death of a Glutton by M.C. Beaton
Death of a Prankster by M.C. Beaton
Travels With My Aunt by Graham Greene
Malpractice in Maggody by Joan Hess (re-read)
The Clocks by Agatha Christie (re-read)

Adult Non-Fiction
Bill Bryson's African Diary by Bill Bryson
Coal River by Michael Shnayerson
Creating Wire and Beaded Jewelry by Linda Jones, Gillian Haslam, and Jacqui Hurst
Wire & Bead Celtic Jewelry: 35 Quick and Stylish Projects by Linda Jones

Movies ( a thrilling new feature!)
The Family Stone
The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio
Girl With A Pearl Earring

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rash, by Pete Hautman

Pretty fantastic YA book. In 2074, Bo is considered dangerous because he calls another guy names for hitting on his girlfriend, and skips his daily dose of anti-agitation tablets, and wants to run long distance without all the protective gear mandated by the Child Satefy Act of 2033- well, it goes byond your standard dystopia and into where gov't legislation crosses the line from protection to imprisonment. Cool extra characters come in the form of Gramps, who brews his own beer and remembers when football was legal, and Rhino , a buddy at the McDonalds prison camp Bo ends up at. Add in the world's last polar bears, a sadistic prison guard, and an AI impersonating a lawyer, and you have a pretty great read.

YA 19