Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just Listen, Sarah Dessen

More suburban teen rape melodrama (why the hell are so many of these freaking books about the same freaking thing?) but better done than most.

Good playlists at least.


Anonymous said...

I Love this book so far. I'm only on like page 100 but it is awesome! I Love you!

Italia said...

Just Listen was a very interesting book to read. Sarah Dessen writes in a way that always leaves you wanting to read more. The story line throughout the entire peice was great and not to hard to follow. Each character, i feel, made the book entirly. The way in which each character would handle a situation would often change from time to time, making the book more enjoyable to read. For a teenage girl Just Listen provides a plot that some can relate to, as Dessen touches upon eating disorders, boys, tragety, and parents. While reading this book one can learn ways to look at trageties and situations differently. I would recommend Sarah Dessen's Just Listen to any teenage girl because it was an excellent read.