Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Stars in The Bright Sky, by Alan Warner

Incredible book. Follow-up to The Sopranos, where readers first meet the Scottish girls, Fionnula, Chell, Manda, Kylah, and Kay - and in this book, there's the addition of Finn's college friend Ava, an English girl who shakes up the fmailiarity of the old friends. Aiming to plan a holiday to wherever they can afford, the girls gather at Gatwick. Trapped in the timeless space of airport shopping and airport hotels, so much is revealed that the book reads like eavesdropping- that real and that uncomfortable, but I loved them even more this time than last, which says more than I can say. This might be the best book I've read this year, but it's complicated by the fact that I feel like reading The Sopranos is necessary to grok it fully. Booker Longlist nominee, and it deserves it.


Lihua said...

Looks marvelous. The group of characters sounds familiar to me. Is this a YA book?

Lexi said...

No- it's really not. There is a prequel, in a way, called The Sopranos- it is about teens, but from an adult perspective. They are both amazing books, but definitely not YA. :)

Lexi said...

Also- The Stars In The Bright Sky isn;t out in the US yet- I ordered it (or rather, my super amazing mom did) from I couldn't wait to read it, and there was no scheduled US pub date yet!

Lihua said...

Gotcha. Good to know.

(Right, and this is Emily, totally forgot to mention that. Two names. You know.)