Thursday, May 26, 2011

French Leave, by Anna Gavalda

French Leave
I can't help but feel that maybe I was either expecting too much or too little from this, or that something got lost in the translation from French, but I don't see why this was such a massive European bestseller and so highly praised.
Bohemian bourgeois siblings abandon their family (and one brother's striving, annoying wife) at a wedding, and set off on a road trip to meet up with another brother, who is working as a guide at a chateau. The 2 sisters and 2 brothers have a fun weekend, and... that's the book.
It's one of those books where I feel like the failure is mine somehow- if so many people love it, I must be missing something (see: A Visit from The Good Squad, by Jennifer Egan, or Room by Emma Donohue- oh, no, you can't, because despite starting them both about 5 times, I could not force myself to finish them). At least this was very short?

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