Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alabama Moon, by Watt Key

Moon was raised in the wilds of Alabama by a father whose Vietnam experiences drove him into becoming an isolated survivalist. Moon can read, write, hunt, build shelter, grow food, but has never been around people. When his father dies (unneccessarily) after an accident, Moon tries to make it on his own but is betrayed by a well meaning lawyer, captured, and forced into society.
Moon's lifestyle was fascinating, and the survivalist stuff seemed like it would be right-on, although I have no experience to compare it too. I wish it had gone more into the Vietnam experiences of Moon and Hal's fathers, but maybe leaving that ambiguous worked for the story. I gave it a 8 for quality, but I don't know how easy a sell it would be, and the cover wasn't one that caught my eye. In fact, I thought the cover was kind of the weak point of a fantastic book.

Alabama Moon

Quality: 8 Popularity: 6 Overall: 14

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