Sunday, October 21, 2007

Amazing Grace, by Megan Shull

I don't understand how this book got such good reviews.
Grace "Ace" Kincaid is an international tennis star at 16, with modeling contracts and tournament triumphs all over the place, but she needs to stop for a while. The set up is great, an interesting premise, but it almost immediately becomes the same kind of implausable gibberish as Teaching Filthy Rich Girls, with unlikely romances, no one recognizing Grace in her 'disguise' of dyed brown hair in some impossibly perfect small Alaskan town straight out of Northern Exposure complete with flannel shirts and motorcycles and Quirky Locals. Grace spends her time in exile, and then, for no reason I could find, suddenly feels able to return to her 'real life' after donating all her money to the town or something else equally ridiculous.
Quality: 4 Popularity: 6 Overall: 10

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