Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chasing Liberty

Even the fantastic Mandy Moore couldn't save this tripe.

This was terrible, despite a really good beginning.

Anna Foster is the 18 year old daughter of the US President, and after having her few dates ruined by the constant presence of the Secret Service, she gets her parents to promise that while in France on a state visit, she will be allowed to attend a concert with her friend, the French President's daughter, and only 2 Secret Service agents.

Of course Daddy lied, and a fiasco ensues, and Anna goes on the run.

That's when the whole thing took a terrible turn.

Despite being filmed in Paris, Prague, Venice and Berlin, the movie only offered the most cartoonish American stereotypes of the people and places. There's a sentimental gondolier, a hunky giant blond German, a goofball Aussie pickpocket, the French girl is hot and loose, and so on. It was awful.

The love story was such nonsense I can't even say anything beyond that- except that it was offensively misogynistic.

Oh, Mandy Moore, don't do this to me! You and Toni Colette should run off and make a really great movie. You deserve it after this garbage.


Nerwin Odinger, The 4th said...

Oh, this is such a marvelous movie, how could you say that? This is one of the most fun movies I've ever seen. Are you a Marxist? Mandy and Matthew are Marvelous and Magnificent!! Rule, Britannia, baby.

Frankly, he'd make her a superb boyfriend in real life!! 8O

Lexi said...

Oh, I'm sos orry! I LOVE Mandy Moore, so I was hoing for, well, more! lol. I'm really sorry if I bugged- I just was so dissapointed with all of the Euro stereotypes!
PS. I agree, in RL they'd be gorgeous together- so much better than Andy Roddick!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Nerwin...I love this movie. It is one of my go to girly movies.