Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown

Very, very interesting children's picture book. I wish I remembered where I saw the review for this that made me request it, but I don't.
Anyway, young Liam discovers an abandoned stretch of elevated train tracks that has become colonized by weeds, mosses, and seedlings, and begins to care for it as a garden. The garden and Liam become more and more curious and adventurous, and eventually kind of take over the city.
It's so interesting to read/see something that presents urban decay as a growth opportunity, but in light of what is happening in Detroit, Flint, and damnit, Providence, etc, it deserves some serious consideration. Obvs, the inspiration was New York's Highline tracks, which have been transformed into a deservedly famous urban wild garden thing, but the whole thing left me a little unsettled, in a strange way...
Ayn Rand would not approve, let me say that much. Where is John Galt?

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