Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Princess Mia, by Meg Cabot

I feel like Veronica Sawyer's dad in Heathers.
Will someone tell me why I read these stupid Meg Cabot books?
Because you're an idiot,
Oh, yeah, that's right,
No, seriously, it's like having an involuntary lobotomy to read this nonsense, and I LOATHE Meg Cabot and her entire oeuvre, and I don't know why I read this crap. Well, I needed a bath book, but I had choices! I have some truly excellent ARCs, I have books, but no, this has been my bath book for like, 3 days and it was DREADFUL but I had to finish the damn thing because I'm very bad at putting down a book and leaving it for dead.
Princess Mia has another whole book of bitching about what a hassle it is to be a princess.

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