Thursday, November 19, 2009

But Not For Long, by Michelle Wildgen

Well, this was very good, and interesting, but as I read it immediately after the absolutely fantastic In A Perfect World, which dealt with much of the same ideas and issues, it paled in comparison.
Hal, Karin, and Greta live in a co-op kind of living situation, in which they agree to eat locally, cook for each other, etc, and this enables Hal and Karin to work at non-profits and feel good about themselves, while Greta has left her alcoholic husband and is kind of drifting. The power goes out- and stays out. There's an air of confusion throughout the book, which makes sense in that the characters themselves are isolated from news, but it was frustrating as a reader to have no explanation for what finally crashed the grid.
Good read, but for a near-near-future take on crashed grids and unsustainable lifestyles, read In A Perfect World by Laura Kasischke.

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