Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Thirteenth Pearl, by Carolyn Keene

The Thirteenth Pearl (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, No 56)
Stolen jewelry, mysterious socialites, pearl cults, and bopping around Japan in kimonos. Great finish to the series, and I like it that the last mystery is one where money is no object, where Nancy Drew in disguise can pass as a Japanese girl, where it starts and ends in River Heights, but goes everywhere on the way. The ending, though, where it is clear that Nancy has no more mysteries to come- ouch!!!!

"She paused a moment, then said "Do you think we'll ever get another mystery to solve?"

Ned chuckled. "It's just like you to say that, Nancy. It seems to me that you have had quite a few mysteries to solve since The Secret of the Old Clock."

And I have read all 56 of them in the last surreal month.

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