Monday, June 17, 2013

Frozen Solid, James Tabor

This book has gripping descriptions of the South Pole research stations, and the claustrophobic setting adds ambience to an already chilling (excuse the pun!) bio-terror thriller.
Top virologist/epidemiologist/extreme diver Hallie Leland is sent to the ASRS- the Amundson-Scott Research Station- known to the scientists there as ARSE, to replace a dead colleage and friend. When Hallie arrives, she finds that the station is home to more than neurotic researchers and dedicated scientists- it is also hosting a deadly disease.
Hallie must find out what is going on, in time to save the station- and the world, but this clever thriller offers some thorught-provoking questions about what "saving the world" might mean.
A solid entry into the world of icy thrillers, along the lines of The Trudeau Vector (a North Pole thriller!)

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