Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Posh and Prejudice, by Grace Dent

Fun and breezy sequel to the hilarious Diary of a Chav. Shiraz Bailey Wood (named for the drinks her parents enjoyed the night she was conceived) astounds her parents, her school, her boyfriend, and herself by doing really well on her GSCEs, and is given the opportunity to study for her A-levels in the 6th form at what is derogatively known in the press as "SuperChav Academy."
This was still a funny witty set piece, but Shiraz's intellectual growth is taken seriously, and her gradual realization of opportunities beyond what she has thought of before reads as genuine, and her fears are understandable, as is her growing excitement and confidence. I love this series, and really hope to see Shazzer take on University.
Happily for me, the Posh and Prejudice in the title does not mean it's another Austen take-off- although Shiraz does have to read Pride and Prejudice, it really does refer to the prejudice some of the more posh students display to Shiraz and her language, clothes, and earrings. So that was refreshing! (Unlike, Scones and Sensibility, Prada and Prejudice, and so on.)

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