Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Butterfly Clues, by Kate Ellison

This was an excellent and tense thriller. Penelope, a troubled teen with obsessive compulsive issues and kelptomania, gets involved in the murder of a stripper named Sapphire. Penelope becomes obsessed with the case, and keeps going to Neverland, an area of Cleveland where runaway teens and homeless adults squat in abandoned buildings, an area her parents would never let her visit, if they were paying more attention.
In Neverland, she meets and falls for a runaway named Flynt, and keeps prying into Sapphire's murder, going so far as to try to work at the same strip club.
This was a really good read, but I felt like there were too many issues - like, dead sibling, check, drugged out mom, check, OCD, check, prom problems, of course. There were also some side plots that hardly added to the story, and it ended unconvincingly.

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