Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Selection, by Keira Cass

Fun but predictable near-future dystopian YA.
It is time for Prince Maxon to marry, and 35 girls are chosen to compete for his hand in marriage. 16 year old America Singer is one, and despite her many reservations, blah blah blah.
Fun, but I am not sure why it's getting such huge buzz.

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Luxembourg said...

The characters in the Selection were interesting. The protagonist America is at times very naive but overall she is strong willed, level headed and confident. She is kind and humble. These traits prevail throughout the novel. She never loses sight of who she is, where she came from and the plight of others. While all the other participants were trying to be who they thought the prince would marry, America remained herself and I found it refreshing. Aspen is a sweet young man, who is desperately in love with America and wants only the best for her. He pushes her away and then pulls her back. He struggles to deal with his conscience and his heart. Prince Maxon was delightful. I found him to be charming, brave, and compassionate. The love triangle will play a role in this series, and if I had to choose at this moment...I would have to say, "Team Maxon". I am anxious to see how this plays out and look forward to reading book two. I adored America's sister Max and I am hoping to get to know the Queen more. The contestants were unique and showcased every personality from the snob to the shy. I loved some and despised others. Their actions had me laughing and shooting daggers.