Monday, April 2, 2012

The Girl Who Could Silence The Wind, by Meg Medina

This was a lovely, moving story set in a magical-realism Latin America.
Sonia Ocampo was born the night a terrible storm beset her small mountain hamlet, but as she was born, the storm cleared, and miraculously, not a single villager had died. Since her birth, Sonia has been treated as a bearer of blessings, the girl to ask for prayers to cure sickness, create love, make it rain. She is exhausted from bearing the wishes of her community, and takes a chance to leave to work in the City, a long voyage by train. She knows she will miss Pancho, a young poet/bike taxi driver
In Casa Mason, the home of wealthy widow Katerina Mason, she is a housemaid rather than a angel, and she is sexually harassed by the son of the house.
When she finds her brother is missing and finds that he too was trying to come to the City but never made it, Sonia and Pancho leave to try to rescue her beloved brother.

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