Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tessa Masterson Will Go To Prom, by Emily Franklin and Brandon Halpin

This was really good. Clearly based on the Constance McMillan 'lesbian prom' controversy, it was told in alternating chapters by Tessa herself, and her lifelong best friend Lucas, who didn't realize she was a lesbian, and asked her to go to prom with him. When she tells him no, and why, he is hurt and angry, as he feels she had lied to him by not openly telling him her orientation, and in an unfortunate escalation of events, Lucas inadvertantly begins a cultural clash to their small town. National media pick up on the story, the ACLU gets involved, and Tessa, Lucas, and the town are forever changed.
I really liked the voices- all of the characters were well drawn and fleshed out, even minor characters had memorable scenes.

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