Monday, February 22, 2010

Arcadia Falls, by Carol Goodman

Wonderful, atmospheric, haunting and haunted story. Funny- I seem to have slipped into a trend of reading about haunted trees, which I wasn't expecting, but am enjoying.
Meg Rosenthal is thrilled to be offered a teaching position at exclusive arts-centered boarding school Arcadia, where she and her daughter Sally can recover from the death of her husband. Arcadia has long been a haven for creative women, far north in upstate New York, in forests that have been whispered about since the Dutch feared the White Women slipping through the trees. A tangle of thoughful rivalries and increasingly violent and frightening events come to give the book an almost overwhelming sense of claustrophobia and inevitability, and the well written characters had a unique sensibility.
Wonderfully done gothic horror, with a fabulous sense of history and place, and lots of neatly done slipping back and forth from diaries and manuscripts to the present, as Meg finds out more and more about the history of Arcadia.

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