Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm So Happy For You, by Lucinda Rosenfeld

Pretty funny, well written book about female frienemies. Wendy and Daphne have been friends since college, when they established their roles, with Wendy being together, happy, moderately successful but content, and Daphne being that beautiful trainwreck who experiences it all, but cries on Wendy's shoulder when that newest married TV anchor breaks up with her, when she loses her latest glamourous job for blowing it off to stay in Capri. When Daphne's life suddenly comes together, complete with the baby and real estate that Wendy's wanted for so long, their friendship enters an uncomfortably well-drawn unsustainable stage. This was interesting, good solid chick lit that was more about the chicks than the dicks. Nice job.

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