Monday, February 22, 2010

Totally Killer, by Greg Olear

Sharp, dark, twisted and funny- a black humor homage to 1991. Just because it's that delicious, I'm going to indulge in a big fat block quote here.
"As my friend Walter Maddox once remarked, 1991 was my generation's 1969. In those twelve fleeting months, everything fell into place: culturally, politically, socially- the whole ball of wax.

You had Operation Desert Storm, the banner headline...

You had Jack Kevorkian. You had Rodney King.
Jeffrey Dahmer was apprehended, Clarence Thomas confiremed, Terry Anderson released.

Oh, and the Soviet Union - the Big Bear, our Orwellian enemy for half a century - broke up. Just broke up, went its separate ways, like it was a fucking rock band. Like it was Motley Crue or Journey. And on Christmas, no less, capitalism's holiest of holy days.

In 1991, my generation - the MTV generation, the slackers, shin jin rui, Generation X - reached a creative zenith, You had the Richard Linkletter film Slacker and the Douglas Coupland novel Generation X, both landmark works, released in July and March, respectively. Bret Easton Ellis published American Psycho. Seinfeld hit its stride. In September, the grunge movement arrived with Nirvana's Nevermind. (Here we are now! Entertain us!)"

Sorry for the lengthy excerpt, but omg, so funny.
A twisted, complicated conspiracy theory, assassins, Jaguars, Dick Cheney (!), Osama Bin Laden, McJobs, a murder and a love story. I loved it.

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