Saturday, February 13, 2010

Russian Ark

I wavered about giving myself credit for watching this, although I did watch it (twice). Astonishingly, the entire movie is shot in one continuous shot- one sweep through the Hermitage museum and hundreds of years of Russian history- and, in parts, was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. That said, it was (understandibly, being a Russian film) in Russian, with small and hard to read subtitles, and both times I watched it I felt that knowing more about Russian history would have made the whole thing much more comprehensible. That said, I also would like to say that I took 2, count'em, 2 300 level classes in Russian history, and while I know that doesn't count for anything at all, I still felt so absolutely adrift that I felt like a complete idiot watching this movie. It was awkward watching for me, vaguely embarrassing and frustrating, and I couldn't just let it go and like the purty pictures.

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