Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crossing Washington Square, bu Joanne Rendell

Fun, interesting kind of chick-lit book. Rachel, the newest tenure track professor in "Manhattan University"s English department, specializes in recent popular women's fiction, and on pop-culture analysis, and is met with great resentment by Diana, a serious Plath scholar who feels that Harlequin romances don't deserve a place in academic discussion. Of course, there is learning and growth all around, but this book did raise some interesting discussion points on that hoary question, and side stories involving priviliged undergraduates, sleazy male professors, and a trip to London filled it all in nicely. I am experiencing a certain amount of distress about Helen Fielding and Bridget Jones (shall explain in later post) and it's kind of funny that Bridget Jones/Pride and Prejudice was such an arguing point for Rachel and Diana- neither of them mentioned what I suddenly see as a much bigger problem regarding Helen Fielding.
Also, I wonder if Joanne Rendell is related to Ruth Rendell? Must find out.

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