Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Handmade Home, by Amanda Blake Soule

Pretty bad craft book. Lots of ideas here, but none that I, at least, would want to make. Many things involved felting old sweaters. People, can we leave the fucking sweaters alone.
I had what turned into just about a 19th nervy b yesterday looking at a craft/home decorating book yesterday, Mary Emmerling's Smart Decorating: Inexpensive Projects for Every Room of the House. It was lying on top of a pile of books in a cart, and it caught my eye. It caught my eye because of the cover-

Yup, one of the "Inexpensive Projects" quite literally involved using pennies to support flower stems. People in the world could live for a week on those pennies. People in the world could use those sweaters that overprivileged and bored Americans happily and eagerly felt to chop up into hideous and useless 'crafts'. I feel sick again. Not going to think about anything anymore.

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