Friday, January 22, 2010

Plum Island, by Nelson DeMIlle

Long but fast-paced thriller. When two scientists from notorious Plum Island, the location of the infamous biological research facility Lab 257 (long rumoured to be a biowarfare reasearch facility, and the possible source of Lyme disease), are found murdered, NY detective John Corey is brought in to help local officials, the CIA and other shadowy groups to discover whether the scientists deaths will lead to a release of some plague. Corey is the sort of strong cliche cop who doesn't care much for the rules, sleeps with every witness and suspect, drinks all the time, and of course, saves the day. Interesting twists with pirates and vineyards didn't stop ths from disappointing me, though, because I really was hoping for a biothriller, not a pirate-treasure thriller.

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