Monday, January 11, 2010

Snapped, by Pamela Klaffe

Interesting and well written book- I really expected this to be kind of standard-chick-lit magazine editor has a bad day kind of fluff, but it wasn't at all. Sara B., who I initially took to be based on Jane Pratt (of Sassy and Jane fame), has lost her taste for being a cool-hunter, trend-finder, Faith Popcorn-y character. At 39, she has a kind of breakdown/epiphany, and feels that she has to repent for the nonsense and sometimes cruelty of what she has spent her whole life doing, and it makes for a great, interesting read about a kind of female character that I don't see a lot of. Setting it in Montreal took away lots of possibilities for chick--lit NYC cliche, but there was way more meat to this book than it looks.

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