Sunday, November 25, 2007

La Linea, by Ann Jarmillo

YA novel about Miguel Cervantes and his sister, Elena, and their crossing La Linea (the border between Mexico and the US).
This is a tough book to score, because I feel as though I ought to have liked it, but I can't truly say that I did.
The first scenes in San Jacinto seemed grippingly real, but once Miguel and Elena were on the move, it kind of blurred for me and although their journey is fraught with danger and help comes to them from a fellow migrant called Javier, who sacrifices himself to help them, the scenes never felt very clear to me.
The end was so sudden, too- I felt like the most interesting parts of the story were skipped over- I felt, really, as if my copy of the book was missing chapters, which made it an unsatisfying read for me.
Quality: 6 Popularity: 6 Overall: 12

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