Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rosemary's Baby, by Ira Levin

Re-read. Bath book.

Coincidentally, I read this about 2 days before Ira Levin died, and when I heard of his death, Rosemary's Baby was still floating around on the top of the book piles in the house.

Does it really get any better than this for horror? No gore, no eyeballs, just sweet, human (and inhuman) evil. His details, his dialogue.

What a master he was. From Rosemary's Baby to The Boys from Brazil, Deathtrap to Sliver to The Stepford Wives, never a wrong step, never an unbelievable twist, no matter how twisted the story (and boy are they twisted!), never a flaw. We will not speak of Rosemary's Son. I think aliens took over his typewriter for that one, and all his others were brilliant, so there.

One of the best of the best. Thank you Ira Levin.

Rosemary's Baby

Quality: 9 Popularity: 9 Overall: 18

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