Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Off Season, by Catherine Murdock

This sequel to Dairy Queen was a great surprise to me. I remember how long it took me to warm up to the character of DJ in that book- well, once I did, I loved her, and I loved this entire book right from the start.

Her playing football has led to more complications than she could have known, and she finds out by overhearing, in a heartbreaking scene, that the family farm is losing money year after year. DJ has to make a painful decision about whether she can in good conscience play football when it is girl's basketball that offers good scholarships to college. Life is further complicated when big brother Win, playing college football on scholarship, sustains a massive spinal cord injury.

DJ is a fantastic protagonist. Her courage and straightforward goodness seem so rare in books now, and especially in this book, her story is one to relish. This book could totally stand alone, too.

The Off Season

Quality: 9 Popularity: 8 Overall: 17 YA

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