Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time Out For Happiness, by Frank Gilbereth Jr.

Another fascinating book about the Gilbreth family, but this one a little more serious than Cheaper by the Dozen or Belles on Their Toes.

In this book, Frank Jr. writes more seriously about the theories of scientific management that his parents developed, and even more seriously about how hard Lillian Gilbreth had to work in order to be taken seriously as an expert in the field in her own right.

In one painful story, she had been asked to address the Association of Mechanical Engineers, as a keynote speaker- a great honor- but was not allowed to enter the building - the society had failed to check if the club where the meeting was held allowed women inside. It did not, and despite her being the keynote speaker, she was denied entrance.

Many anecdotes were recycled from the previous books, but this one had a more reflective tone, and allows that for all the fun, that the 11 surviving Gilbreths might have been a little busy and crowded!

And once again, I ended this book with tears streaming down my face. Sometimes genuine warmth can just knock you off your feet.

Time Out For Happiness (Out of print, used copies available)

Quality: 9 Popularity: 6 Overall: 15

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